Welcome to Liberty Recovery Community!
Liberty Recovery Community is a project of Operation Empower that solves a long-standing problem. We fill the gap for people transitioning out of treatment, jails, prison, or community, and are looking for a safe, supportive, empowering place to call home. Liberty Recovery Community is a residential recovery housing program serving men and women with substance abuse and brain health issues located in Dubuque, Iowa. Our beautiful campus offers affordable furnished one-bedroom apartments with free recovery services. We offer a comprehensive evidence-based program. Every amenity can be accessed quickly from our walkable location. We are a peer-based recovery community where everyone is welcome, belongs, and is part of the family. If you are serious about your recovery, Liberty Recovery Community is your next step! If you or someone you know would like to apply to live at Liberty Recovery Community, click the Who We Are tab on our website, print and complete the application, then email it to kimberly@operationempower.org.